BNB Shout: Let the world know your BEP20 CryptoCoin

What is BNB Shout?

BNB Shout is the First newborn Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Coins annuncement portal.
With our application all tokens creators will have the possibility of announce theyr coins with all launching or pre-sale detailes.

Why we did it

Simply because nobody did till now.
There’s actually a huge need of a reference place for all the newborn BEP-20 Coins, but nothing really dedicated exists.

Why and how the BNB Shout coin will make me earn?

It’s simple, because it’s a real project based on an actual need.
After the app beta-testing period, our coin will become a utility token, thanks to wich our advs can be bought.
That means that every time a customer will buy our service the coin will increase its own value.
Moreover, the tax system will burn 5% for every transaction and will distrubute the same amount to holders.
So, the best way to earn is to buy coins, hold till the app release and than we will meet soon on the moon!

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